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Bah ram you, sheep aren't so true (photo courtesy net_efekt) Tell them that you're hoping for an honest review of the product, although no obligation is required. Many won't respond to your email, and probably only around half will review the product you send, but that's the name of the game. Yes, it's risky. But if your product is awesome and you know it can earn great reviews, a few 5 star ratings from these top Amazon reviewers will be HUGE.

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How Amazon's Addressing the Problem of Fake Book Reviews As a reviewer and a consumer, I'd love for Amazon to crack down on false or paid-for reviews. I'd like to think the star rating means something. But I think addressing the false review problem needs to be done transparently, with clear criteria for what reviews are allowed and disallowed. For example, one woman interviewed in the article has posted 25,000 reviews on Amazon, which has led a group of advocates to fight to ban her reviews (she says she just reads really easy books). Applying a limit on how many reviews one individual can post seems a fair way to reduce the number of fake reviews and people reviewing just for the money. I also have no problem with a rule that says no family members or people with a financial interest in the book's sales should be allowed to post. Rules are a good thing, if applied clearly and fairly, and if reasonably designed to address the problem at hand.

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And with Fulfillment by Amazon (or Amazon FBA), you can store inventory at and fulfill orders from an Amazon fulfillment center. Before you set this up, you'll need to have an Amazon Seller Central account. Shopify merchants can create Amazon product listings directly in Shopify, sync inventory across both sales channels, fulfill Amazon orders in Shopify, and track sales from both channels in one place. Now, here is the same product detail page after several updates. Notice that the title includes important product details, while the photo and description have been updated to offer a clearer sense of Dream Water's features and benefits.

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Amazon acknowledged the scope of the problem in a blog post last year. "Due to our continued improvements in detection of fake reviews and connections between bad-actor buying and selling accounts, we have seen an increasing trend of bad actors attempting to solicit fake reviews outside Amazon, particularly via social media services," the company wrote. Amazon has been plagued with reviews that artificially boost product ratings for years. A Washington Post investigation back in 2018 found that obviously fake reviews dominated some product categories, including bluetooth headphones and health supplements.

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Additional fees for Pattern include: 15 listing credits monthly (the equivalent of $3 in listings)

Additional fees for Pattern include: 15 listing credits monthly (the equivalent of $3 in listings)

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